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The system of trails that are used for biking and hiking were initially captured using GPS techniques by the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Coordinator, Department of Parks & Recreation, along with friends of the mountain biking community. Trails were captured by physically riding a bike along these pathways. Inaccuracies of GPS data resulting from riding under tree canopies and from use of less-than-survey-accurate GPS devices were 'corrected' by City GIS staff (geographic information systems) by adjusting the trails to overlay identifiable features from the City's orthophotography. For example, the dirt of worn single-track pathways could be seen in less dense foliage and field areas. In many cases there was no way to see through the more densely forested areas, so the original GPS'ed information was not interpreted to match the orthophotography. It is believed that all trails and waypoints data meet the map accuracy standards required of the Department of Parks and Recreation.All final decisions about the mapped locations and attribution of Waypoints and Trails were under the purview of the City's trails superintendant.
Sustainability and Natural Environment
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Dept of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities
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